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You’ve spent years working up to this point, and you have developed or are prepared to launch a new wound care technology. What partnerships should you pursue? What regulatory strategies to consider? What about reimbursement? What commercial strategy should you follow, direct, distributor, or strategic partnership? Is it better to look internationally first? How do you go about getting a CE mark? These and more questions keep entrepreneurs up at night.

We have helped launch and expand market reach for several new wound care products, bringing growth and new sales to our clients. Below is an introduction to our team and our 3 core areas of specialty.

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How the GRc Team Has Helped Wound Care Companies:

  • Created strategic plan for X Company Go to Market
  • US & International registration
  • US & International reimbursement for ABC Inc.
  • 3 Product Launches
  • 2 US Import Licenses
  • 1 Regulatory Pathway Discovered

Our Specialties

We offer a comprehensive set of skills, helping you fill in gaps specific to your needs.


GRc has the leadership firepower, technical ingenuity, and a strong industry network to provide the guidance you need to develop and execute the correct business strategy at the right time. GRc has over 100+ years of combined medical technology work history in, leadership, strategy, business development, M&A, sales, marketing, R&D, regulatory, reimbursement. Our cross-functional team approach allows us to rapidly ideate and develop unique implementation and strategic solutions.

Commercialization Support​

Your situation may call for a license, direct, distributors, or a hybrid model . GRc can support you in securing a licensing partner, considering the cost and organization requirements for effective direct sales. Or establishing distribution partnership, providing access to our network to help you hit the ground running. We also have experience at putting together hybrid models if that fits your business.

When you are well prepared, there is no fear of the competition. We ensure that the go-to-market approach is well informed so that commercialization is a smooth road.

You don’t need to go it alone. And your product or idea may be attractive to a well established company. We view this as a key effort and will lead it with a milestone-driven approach.

We take a unique approach to each client. For example, your partner search or idea may be attractive to a well-established company. Our established network of executives at wound care and surgical companies globally are always on the lookout for great new products.

We draw up a timeline with milestones, classify and rank targets, and help with negotiations, licensing and the management of the deal process. From start to finish, the process of finding, evaluating and establishing a partnership is one of our key strengths .

We’re your expert team – without the expert overhead

Think of us as your virtual incubator. You keep your company where you are, accessing our resources remotely. We maintain a small core team and utilize our network to expand capabilities on an as-needed basis. We don’t maintain fancy offices or a large staff, so every dime goes where it should go: into creating value for your company.

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A network spanning the healthcare industry

GRc has contacts at many of the leading wound care and surgical companies and distributors. Below is a sample of our ever expanding network:

Secure your strategic bandwidth

We support start-up and early stage wound care and surgical companies.

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